Exciting. Fun. Fresh. Safe.

Welkin College School offers boarding for all of its students in a safe dormitory situated on a reasonably secluded property surrounded by sprawling grassy lawns, abundant trees and shallow creeks.

Life at Welkin College School is all about building friendships, being the best student one can be and engaging in character-building adventures.

At Welkin College School students live a balanced life between spending time with friends, focusing on schoolwork and pursuing activities conducive to a healthy mind and body.

On school-day evenings, students have time to work together on their school projects and homework in a setting that is social and yet studious. On the weekends, students are able to
join in on activities that take them away from the residence to explore the local area and enjoy some personal freedom.

Being immersed in a green natural setting is one of the greatest attractions of boarding life at Welkin College School. Our residence is situated on a sprawling estate in which horses, deer, birds and rabbits regularly wander about. It is a tranquil setting for the students to de-stress and get in touch with nature. Fishing, walking, boating, badminton and archery are some of the activities that students can engage in at our green and spacious residence.

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