Welkin College School is situated in the cozy town of Coombs, British Columbia right beside a tranquil body of flowing water called French Creek. Coombs is an ideal location for a school because it is safe, quiet, clean and friendly.

Coombs is a small town which has 1,300 residents on Vancouver island in British Columbia. The old country market is is famous for the the goat family which are living on the roof of the market. Thousands of people come to the small town of Coombs every year to watch the goat family. The Butterfly World which is made in indoor rainforest area and the weekend festival which is held on the British Columbia Day is popular among tourists as well.

Our student residence is located in the town of Parksville. Parksville is a mid-sized Vancouver Island town that offers picturesque beaches, parks, restaurants and shops. Visit parksville.ca for more information.

Not far from our school and residence is the sizeable city of Nanaimo that offers a variety of community centers, special interest clubs, theaters, shopping and a ferry to the city of
Vancouver for occasional excursions. Nanaimo is just big enough to give students their big city fix but not so big as to present typical big city dangers. Nanaimo also offers an airport with connecting flights to Vancouver making international travel nice and easy.

Mid Vancouver Island in general is an ideal location for a boarding school in that it is renowned for its majestic natural setting, fresh ocean air and absence of the distractions of city life. The “Island”, as it is commonly known, is revered by all Canadians for its relaxed, unhurried lifestyle, friendly inhabitants and splendid scenery. What better place to spend one’s formative years?

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