Frequently Asked Questions
Isn’t private education expensive?

Not necessarily. At Welkin College School we endeavor to offer tuition and boarding rates that are within reach of most families. We believe that our rates, in comparison to other private schools, are considerably more affordable.

Is Welkin College only for International students?

No. Welkin College School welcomes applicants who are Canadian citizens. Ultimately, our goal is to build a diverse student population comprised of many nationalities learning together cooperatively.

How would a 3 semester work?

For a student that opts for the 3 semester system of yearly studies, it would entail a mixture of class time as well as independent studies with a supervising teacher. Essentially we would customize a course calendar that considers the student’s situation and their goal of an expedited graduation

If I live locally, is there a way for me to get to school?

Yes there is! We offer bus service to and from your door for students that live in either Nanaimo or Parksville.

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